Rejecting the way its always been done
Project Overview
In December 2022, Josh Shapiro and I embarked on an exciting journey, founding MetropolisIQ with a vision to revolutionize the realm of economic and workforce development data reporting. Our premise was simple yet bold: the traditional methods in this field were outdated and ripe for innovation. We believed that modern data collection techniques, coupled with automated ETL processes, machine learning, and generative AI, could fundamentally transform the industry. Our inspiration? Henry Ford's revolution in car manufacturing with the assembly line.

Fast forward to today, and our journey has been nothing short of transformative. We've challenged norms, pushed boundaries, and are now on the cusp of introducing our groundbreaking product to the market. This is not just a launch; it's a leap into a new era of data insights and economic forecasting.

Stay tuned, because what we're bringing to the table is more than just a product; it's a new way of thinking about and harnessing data for economic development. MetropolisIQ is set to redefine industry standards, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting frontier.
My Contributions
As a co-founder of MetropolisIQ, I wear many hats, each as vital as the next. My nights and weekends are a whirlwind of leading product development, steering our engineering team, managing finances, and overseeing operations. Meanwhile, my co-founder Josh masterfully handles marketing and sales.

Embarking on this co-founder journey is a blend of exhilaration and trepidation. It's an adventure where every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities. Through this journey, I've gained profound insights into my own strengths and areas for growth, understood the intricacies of human dynamics in a startup environment, and delved deep into the mechanics of the early-stage company ecosystem.

This role is not a job; it's a continuous journey of discovery – about myself, the people around me, and the ever-evolving world of startups. It's a path that tests, teaches, and transforms, making every day both exhilarating and daunting in equal measure.
Before founding MetropolisIQ with Josh, I thought my extensive experience with early-stage companies had equipped me with all the necessary insights. Having grown my own consulting business and played a pivotal role in guiding another startup through a successful Series A funding round, not to mention advising numerous startups, I was confident in my expertise. But embarking on the MetropolisIQ journey was a revelation.

I quickly realized that creating a seed-stage technology company was an entirely different ballgame. It was more than just a grind; it was a constant dance with the possibility of failure. Despite Josh's and my combined expertise in economic and workforce development and our respect in the data analytics field, we found ourselves grappling with the stark reality of our expectations versus the actual capital and effort needed to bring our product to market.

In retrospect, those early missteps were the best thing that could have happened to us. They forced us to slow down and deeply engage in customer discovery, leading to a profound understanding of what our customers truly needed and were willing to pay for. This process allowed us to recalibrate our approach, focusing on building a leaner, more adaptable product that could evolve with our increasing insights into market fit.

Throughout my career, I've celebrated more victories than defeats. However, this initial stumble with MetropolisIQ was incredibly humbling and enlightening. It opened my eyes to the complexities of early-stage ventures that I had not previously encountered, ultimately laying a stronger foundation for MetropolisIQ's future successes. In embracing this challenge, we've not only refined our business strategy but also grown immensely as entrepreneurs, ready to lead MetropolisIQ into a promising future.
Dec 2022— the big exit!