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I'm Erik Caldwell

I am a blend of many passions and talents - an innovator at heart, an entrepreneur by spirit, a technologist by profession, and a public policy enthusiast in recovery. Hailing originally from Illinois, I now call the vibrant city of San Diego, CA, my home, where I live with my beloved family. My life outside of work is a tapestry of adventure and connection; I cherish exploring new destinations with friends and family, and I find my thrill in the exhilarating world of mountain biking. Each of these facets shapes who I am, weaving together a life rich with innovation, exploration, and meaningful relationships.

My Career so far

As the current VP of Data Strategy at GovExec's The Atlas, I lead the development of innovative buyer intent and market intelligence products for a vibrant online community of state and local government officials. Since its inception in April 2019, The Atlas has become a dynamic platform, engaging thousands of government leaders. My journey here is built on a rich background in local government with the City of San Diego, where I served as Chief Sustainability Officer, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, and Economic Development Director. In these roles, I utilized my proficiency in data analytics, software development, and geospatial mapping to enhance city services and foster sustainable urban development. My career is a testament to my commitment to integrating technology and data analytics for effective governance and community improvement.

Data Analysis
Process Improvement
Business Strategy
Contract Negotiation
Data Engineering
Product Development

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