Mountain Biking

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Why I Ride
Mountain biking is my go-to escape; it's where every other thought fades away, leaving just me, the trail, and the exhilarating challenge ahead. It's not just about the ride – it's a dance with nature, a full-body workout, and a test of wit and willpower. Out there, every move is intentional, every hesitation a lesson learned. It's in the split-second decisions and the unpredictable twists of the trail that I find my truest moments of clarity and adrenaline. Each ride is a reminder: life’s like a mountain trail, full of ups and downs, but always an adventure worth taking.
What Do I Ride
I'm an avid rider of both traditional and e-mountain bikes, with my go-to being the Specialized Turbo Levo MTB. This e-bike is a game-changer for me; it's my ticket to exploring the vast stretches of San Diego's trails, where I can easily clock up twenty to thirty miles in a single outing. San Diego's landscape is a biker's paradise, boasting thousands of miles of both urban and rural trails that weave through the county, and my e-bike makes these accessible like never before.Then there's my analog counterpart, the Specialized Status 160. It's a straightforward yet exhilarating mullet bike, sporting a 29-inch rim in the front and a 27.5 in the back, complemented by 160mm of travel on both ends. Descending hills on this bike is pure joy; its mullet setup seems to embrace each curve of the trail, offering an exhilarating ride.You'll often find me chasing adrenaline at local spots like Jumpline in Del Sur, Back Mountain, Penasquitos Canyon, or around Lake Hodges. Each trail brings its unique thrill, but it’s the freedom and connection with the terrain that keeps me coming back for more
Living in Del Sur feels like a mountain biker’s dream come true. Just down the street from my home, a trailhead beckons, leading into a sprawling network that weaves through San Diego County. These paths offer a journey to diverse destinations – from the sandy shores of Del Mar reachable within an hour, to the challenging descent to Lake Hodges and the strenuous climb back, or the exhilarating descent through the technical trails of Black Widow on Black Mountain. Del Sur itself boasts an array of local trails crafted by Jim Bradford, with names like Jumpline, Megatron, Grenade, and Livewire, each offering its unique thrill.

What truly makes Del Sur special is the sense of community among local riders. We gather, irrespective of our backgrounds or professions, united by our shared passion for biking. On these trails, we find not just exercise or sport, but a sense of belonging. Out here, the rest of the world, with its relentless pace and noise, fades away.

Dropping into Lusardi Canyon is like entering another realm. The rush of speeding down a fire road at 30 miles an hour, the surrounding wilderness enveloping you, creates a transformative experience. The familiar buzz of the city gives way to the serene sounds of nature, interrupted only by the occasional hiker's greeting or the whir of fellow bikers.

In this alternate universe of rugged beauty, every trail leads you deeper into an adventure. After more than four years of exploring these trails, I continue to discover new paths, encounter new riders, and find fresh challenges. It’s a privilege to have such an extraordinary escape so close to home, a testament to the magic of Del Sur as a mountain biking paradise.
Del Sur
Where I Ride