Project Overview
MarketEdge’s procurement portal provides its clients with information on what government jurisdictions are interested in purchasing goods and services before that information becomes widely known. By using MarketEdge's Pre-Procurement Project data, companies can reach out to these jurisdictions early on and educate them on why their products are superior to those offered by their competitors. This can give companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace and help them secure contracts with government agencies. MarketEdge also offers a range of services, including procurement analytics, market intelligence, and bid tracking. These services can help companies understand the needs of their customers and tailor their responses to procurement solicitations accordingly.
My Contributions
As the original developer and product architect of MarketEdge, I pioneered a first-of-its-kind buyer intent data product for local government B2G sales and marketing. Utilizing GovExec's proprietary data, MarketEdge leverages AI to deliver predictive insights, giving users early indicators of local government purchasing intentions. I take immense pride in having had the opportunity to create this innovative solution, which not only anticipates market needs but also sets a new industry standard in predictive sales intelligence.
VP Data Srategy
Apr 2022- present
Since April 2021, I have been serving as the Vice President of Data Strategy at Govexec, The Atlas in San Diego, CA. In this role, I am the product architect for our MarketEdge B2G data platform and have spearheaded the long-term strategy for other data products, including Power Almanac. My efforts have solidified our position as a leader in the B2G buyer intent data market. I champion cross-functional teamwork, ensuring seamless collaboration across departments, and lead R&D initiatives for new product features, keeping our company at the forefront of industry innovation. As the owner of product strategy and development, I supervise a skilled team specializing in data science, engineering, and infrastructure software. Additionally, I have achieved significant cost reductions by renegotiating critical contracts and strategically offshoring business processes.